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Our experience shows that people like to learn. There is an in-built curiosity in everyone and that curiosity seeks out knowledge. In your instance, this curiosity can be harnessed to improve business processes, engage in staff development or to find highly efficient ways to accomplish inefficient tasks.

Redman Solutions is built around a set of brand values that are just as important to us than as a reassurance to you. Curiosity and Empathy are our backbone, meaning that we will work alongside your organisation to make sure that we understand your needs and formulate a relationship, well before coming up with a technology or process result.

We've learnt that often a councils building and planning departments get left behind when it comes to innovation. Redman's eApprovals approach is designed to invoke change where it is needed, making sure that the change is driven by primarily your people. We do not just sell a solution, we empower to continually improve the people, the processes and the technology in your eApprovals teams.

Our tagline, "Discover. Empower. Support." helps us articulate the way we work and positions us as a consultation based business, over a product focussed one.

Referencing our unique process of undertaking discovery sessions, empowering the client to actually effectively integrate the solutions into their life, and offering the best support there is, our tagline helps to express our uniqueness to the world.


Redman Solutions goes through a process of discovery with clients to align the necessary solution with the organisation’s own vision and goals. Taking this approach ensures that the results are real, measurable outcomes - aligned with your organisations vision and goals from conception to delivery.


Submitting and processing applications electronically saves time and money and has significant environmental benefits. Redman Solutions can help you implement a strategy to deal with this issue by providing innovative technology to streamline processes, connecting internal and external stakeholders digitally.


Redman Solutions has a dedicated help desk as well as onsite consulting to continue the transformation both pre and post solution acquisition. Our dedicated account managers who will stay in touch are also active in industry events and forums, ensuring that they understand the industries growth and pain points. Periodically, we host our own dedicated eApprovals user forums, to ensure that innovation continues and the wins can be shared directly between organisations.